Let Them Eat Cake.


I make cakes to raise money for the mission trips I take every summer with John Smithwick Ministries International.  People often ask me how I do some of the decorations that are on the cakes.
Here’s a neat stain glass trick I’ve devolped for cakes….

How it’s Done:

Cut out whatever shape that you want in fondant.  Here I’ve chosen a cross.  Get suckers from your local store – they can’t have any extra candy in the center.  You’re looking for something like Safe-T-Pops or Dum Dums.  Place your unwrapped candy in a Zip Lock bag.  Hit with a hammer until broken into peices.  Take the candy peices and place them into the fondant.  Cover a cookie sheet with foil and place the fondant cut out on the cooki sheet.  Stick the cookie sheet in the oven just until the candy begins to melt.  Presto Changeo….  You now have an eatable decoration for your cake….

PS – Watch your creation when it’s in the oven carefully… a few seconds longer and you will have a brown, burnt creation…

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