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Join me for hands on workshops to create your own handcrafted life!

Upcoming Workshops Include…

  • Sourdough Breadmaking Workshop – You will leave this workshop with the knowledge to culture, make, and bake your very own sourdough bread.  We will cover everything from starter maintenance, tips for a successful loaf, and what to do with leftover sourdough starter.  This is a hands-on workshop.  You will get your hands messy as you learn the craft of artisan bread.  You will also be able to take home some of my personal starter that I use every week.  This starter is a treasured gift from a local granny.  It’s history spans half a century of nourishment to dinner tables around Drew County.  Come cook with me, and gain total confidence in making and baking your very own artisan sourdough bread!


  • Yeast Breadmaking Workshop – This hands-on workshop will take you through all the steps of making your very own yeast bread.  You will get your hands messy as you learn to knead and form your very own artisan yeast bread.  This workshop includes my Great Grandmother Sweeny’s yeast bread recipe.  This recipe has been passed down through my dad’s side of the family for generations, and now, I want to share this tradition with you.  Fresh yeast bread can be an addition to your family’s nourishing table.  Come cook with me, and find out how to make your own artisan bread.


  • Homemade Pasta Workshop – Making and cooking your own homemade pasta may sound like a daunting task.  I make it easy in this hands-on workshop.  We will make pasta together from start to finish, and we will be tasting our creation.  You will be able to take home everything you make.  You will be sent home with several of my pasta & sauce recipes, so you can re-create what we do in class in your own home.  Come cook with me, and add scratch made pasta to your nourishing table.


  • Baking Workshop – Baking cakes and goodies from scratch is totally doable!  This hands-on workshop will include making and icing a cake from scratch.  You will go home with what you make as well as two treasured cake recipes from my big black baking book that have been in my family for generations.  We will discuss proper mixing order when adding ingredients, tips for the perfectly baked layers, and how to icing a cake.  You will be able to take home what you make as well as the confidence to re-create the finished product in your own home.


  • Canning Workshop – Before companies began to put veggies, jams, and jellies in cans, families were preserving foods in mason jars at their own homes.  Learn the lost art of canning and preserving foods.  In this workshop, we will cover how I put garden fresh veggies in the freezer and in mason jars.  We will cover best practices for food safety and step by step instructions from garden to container.  You will also get to make and preserve your very own jar of yumminess to take with you.